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Is today's car already autonomous enough?

Along with the electric/hybrid car, autonomous mobility is now one of the main stars of Motor Shows. Although many experiments are taking place throughout the world and many concept cars are being presented here and there, buying a vehicle that will do everything for us is still not completely on!

In the meantime, as explained on, manufacturers are competing in ingenuity to make our cars ever smarter, and the most impressive innovations and technologies are probably yet to come!


Which technologies are going to be available soon?

The coolest car technologies
available in the near future

Technologies in the automotive industry seem to be developing rapidly.
We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest technologies that may soon be available in your car.

Environmentally-friendly car

Cars and sustainability

The choice of an ecological car is mainly based on its fuel consumption, the pollution emitted and the amount of CO2 rejected.


Ecofriendly cars have many assets

To save fuel and money, but also to protect the environment and fight against the greenhouse effect, the choice of car type is important. To buy a sustainable car, you must first of all pay attention to your carbon emissions and display their levels, which has been mandatory in many countrues for many years now.


How manufacturers do it?

There are many ways for manufacturers to reduce the CO2 emissions of their models. They affect engine efficiency, the energy source used (hybrid, electric, biofuel or hydrogen car), the reduction of friction forces (aerodynamics, tyres) or the weight of the vehicle (composite materials, downsizing of the engine).

Car rental: tips and advice

Renting a vehicle is a practical and economical way to get around. Here, we give you the main practical tips to help you avoid unpleasant surprises,  from booking all the way to returning the keys…

Handling your car rental perfectly

Car rental: the essentials

Book at the right time

Booking at the last minute is the mistake not to make. In the last 48 hours before the rental the prices increase on some car models. Ideally, you should book your vehicle at least 30 days in advance.

Go for a private car rental

For several years, P2P car rental has been widespread. Owners can rent their car through a website like Getaround. This formula allows you to rent a car up to 50% cheaper than the usual rental services.

During the car rental period

Each vehicle is different to drive. So take the time to get used to the rented car. The rental company must also ensure that the vehicle works properly. Routine maintenance is usually your responsibility.

Buying a car

How to buy a car
at the best price?


Identify your needs

Determining the type and model of car to buy


Contact the right person

Agent or dealership


Wait for the right time to buy

Benfit from significant discounts!

finance the purchase of your car

How to finance the purchase of your car?

What are the financing possibilities available?


New or used car: what to choose?

Is it better to buy a new car or a recent used one? Sometimes a used vehicle with a few kilometres on the odometer will be a good deal. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to weigh the pros and cons and pay attention to lost warranties in relation to the date of registration of the vehicle. What to choose then? What is the most cost-effective option when you have a small budget? Look out for tips!