Car maintenance

Buying auto parts on the Internet: good tips and tricks!

There are at least two advantages to buying car parts on the Internet. The choice first, because the online supplier catalogue is generally well provided. The price then, because buying on the Internet allows you to make many savings. But,…

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Where to buy products and auto spare parts?

That’s it, you’ve finally decided to fix the little problem with your car or just do its maintenance? Great! Have you spotted a self-garage near your home? Perfect! All you have to do now is buy the products and for…

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More than half of drivers buy automotive spare parts on the Internet!

The automotive sector is in turmoil and after-sales service is no exception. Whether initiated or undergone, the revolutions experienced by each manufacturer require appropriate preparation and continuous analysis of future trends. Missing a step can have very important consequences for…

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The sale of cars’ spare parts to individuals

The sale of a vehicle for spare parts to an individual is strictly prohibited by law in the case of an end-of-life vehicle (not rolling) and is subject to several conditions in the case of a rolling vehicle. What is…

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A guarantee is good. A good guarantee is better!

Few drivers have never seen the smoke from their hood escape with horror. Beyond the simple anxiety of missing a holiday, or losing a day’s work, it is above all the question of the price to pay to save your…

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How to maintain your car during the heat wave?

The summer sun has arrived and it’s even hot! Do you know that we are not the only ones suffering from heat? What are the right things to do to avoid further damage? How to maintain your car during the…

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