A guarantee is good. A good guarantee is better!

Few drivers have never seen the smoke from their hood escape with horror. Beyond the simple anxiety of missing a holiday, or losing a day's work, it is above all the question of the price to pay to save your car that can quickly turn into a real nightmare... Not to mention that repair costs are constantly increasing: in the first half of 2015, the professional organisation Auto Security and maintenance (SRA) reported an increase in the price of spare parts by 1.8%, and of labour by 2.7% ; all this in just one year! If, when purchasing a new vehicle, the manufacturer's warranty seems to be able to do the trick, it only runs on average for one or two years, or for a certain mileage; during which time the manufacturer pays for any repairs and parts changes, as well as labour. In return, regular inspections may be required by approved garages; otherwise the guarantee may be called into question. And then, mechanical, electrical or electronic failures rarely occur before the second year of use. In addition, since the majority of breakdowns are of electrical or electronic origin, due to the fragility of certain components, many inconveniences are additional to good vehicle maintenance. In these cases, it is worth recalling it: a solid guarantee is your best ally! While it represents an investment for the owner, a good guarantee is never too much when a breakdown arrives without warning and makes it possible to get out of it at a lower cost. In the case of a transfer of the vehicle, it is even an asset for the seller, since it reflects his commitment to provide a reliable vehicle. For the buyer of a used vehicle, it is a significant security that can make the difference in the outcome of the negotiations. After all, isn't prevention better than cure? This is why many second-hand market leaders selected for the most attractive guarantee offer on the market! Valid 24/24h and 7/7d, this warranty directly covers the cost of repairs (parts and labour): no costs are to be advanced, anywhere in Europe. In the case of a breakdown in a country bordering France (England, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, Spain, Portugal), you even benefit from breakdown assistance to reach the nearest garage. Not insignificant safety for drivers who are always on the move! And unlike many competing offers, the proposed coverage we offer is effective from 0 km from home. Perfectly adapted to used vehicles, it does not take into account the age or mileage of the car. No deductible per kilometre = no unpleasant surprises! Finally, it is a transferable contract, but also one that is not obsolete: if repairs are carried out, the vehicle will be restored to the condition in which the owner found it at the time of purchase. With this warranty, it doesn't matter how much wear and tear has accumulated since the vehicle came into your possession.
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