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A Volvo-shaped concept that takes care of you

The car of the future will not only have to be autonomous, electric and safe, at least for a young Swedish designer. So this is the Volvo Care concept. A play on words around the car (because in English) that…

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The Citroën C-Élysée test in France

The arrival of the C-Élysée in France was an astonishing adventure. Citroën has communicated little on the subject, or not at all. Worse still, the concessions are not rushing to propose any. The fact is that it is not selling…

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New test for the Ford MONDEO

More dynamic, intelligent and secure, the new Mondeo is a first-class D-segment sedan. Boxing in the same category as the Peugeot 508, Citroën C5, Mazda 6, but also the car of the year, the new Volkswagen Passat, the oval sedan…

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With the wind at your back, Volvo presents the S90!

It’s hard to find a manufacturer more euphoric than Volvo in 2015! The Swede should once again beat his sales record, especially after having achieved the best month (November 2015) in his history. It is in this context that he…

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No more speeding with the new S-Max!

The new Ford S-Max features a new technology by combining traffic sign recognition with adaptive cruise control. It is enough to make fines for speeding in the past. The minivan is resisting! The proof with the new Ford S-Max; sophisticated…

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