New test for the Ford MONDEO

More dynamic, intelligent and secure, the new Mondeo is a first-class D-segment sedan. Boxing in the same category as the Peugeot 508, Citroën C5, Mazda 6, but also the car of the year, the new Volkswagen Passat, the oval sedan does not suffer much from the comparison. Certainly because Ford engineers had plenty of time to Europeanize this fourth generation. On the European roads for 6 months, the new Ford Mondeo has been waiting for you! Remember, it was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2012! Except that in the meantime Ford closed the Genk plant in Belgium (where the first 3 generations were assembled) to transfer production to Valencia, Spanish site that obviously had to be adapted. As a result, Ford engineers had an extension of time to significantly adapt the American Ford Fusion to the European Ford Mondeo. And it's pretty successful!

The car is imposing!

Lent a few hours by Ford Vitry-sur-Seine, my Mondeo tried out imposes itself by its size, the ribs of its hood and wings, its Aston grille and its optics which remind us of the new Mustang. The operation seduction at first sight is a great success. Heavy doors (too much?), panoramic roof... the interior offers a convincing space thanks to its thinner seats. Even if you're five feet tall and you're sitting in the back. However, the plunging roof line was a sign of disappointment. Many have pointed out a disappointing congestion/habitability ratio, I do not agree. Your children (large or small) will not complain about it. Opting for a tailgate opening, the new Mondeo offers a trunk volume of 541 litres in length, allowing it to win the stroller storage test with flying colours. The 4m87 length is optimized! This sedan is longer than the new space. As you sit behind the wheel, you notice above all the sober elegance of the cockpit. The multifunction steering wheel is pleasant to the touch while connecting to the Ford Sync 2 system could be easier. The multi-contours of the screens such as ventilation nozzles give volume and significantly increase the perceived quality. The only question is this small storage space under the dashboard, which is almost inaccessible. Let's say that this location has been designed for fluorescent yellow vests.

At the wheel of the new Mondeo

Reviewed and corrected, the 2.0l TDCI 150 horsepower of my horsepower combined with the Stop & Start proves pleasant on the road and highway but a little less so in town. While officially the fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 4.1l/100km, the on-board computer shows a very respectable 6.2l/100km out of the 1,629 km covered by the vehicle (which weighs nearly 1.6 tonnes) over the past 6 months. Heavy, of course, this new Mondeo offers optimal road-holding. Its handling is as comfortable as its precise steering in combination with a first-class suspension, all in remarkable silence. The radio's volume level is a perfect example of this.

What equipment?

When it was released, the new Mondeo had only one level of equipment. The Titanium finish is interesting and offers an upgrade for a price from 32 000€ (for the TDCI 150), very affordable compared to the competition (since the Trend finish has arrived). For example, there is the motorized tailgate and the MyKey system in addition to the Ford Sync2 system, which centralizes the smartphone, navigation and all multimedia via a touch screen that is perfectly at hand. Let's add the rear-view camera. A gadget that has become essential for large sizes, especially since the rear window offers very limited visibility. In France, driving a Ford Mondeo is far from obvious against the Citroën C5, Peugeot 508, Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb. However, this competitor offers a very pleasant alternative both in terms of cost, technology and behaviour.
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