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Do I need daily or annual Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Car hire excess insurance is a policy that can save you money if you have an accident in a rental car. It covers the excess that you would otherwise have to pay if you made a claim on your own…

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England strongly supports self-employment

Increase in contributions on 1 January 2015, exclusion of a large number of activities, obligation to spend an internship – costly – at the installation, acute suspicions of disguised employment, qualification as “dummy companies”, application of the CFE tax (in…

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VTC and Auto-Entrepreneur: a disturbing mixture

The auto-entrepreneur regime is definitely a problem: it is around taxis to tackle it. They criticize VTCs (chauffeur cars with tourism) for over-reliance on auto-entrepreneurs. But the VTC companies that pay employees also cry out for unfair competition against VTC…

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How to organize a car exchange?

There are many advantages to home exchange, including the possibility of concluding a car exchange. But how does this work in practice? What are the things to know and the points to discuss with the exchange partner? If home exchange…

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How to sleep on an autonomous trip?

Between promises and fantasies, the image of the autonomous car remains unclear. Yet she is coming soon. Very soon even! The first vehicles are expected in 2020 before generalization by 2035. So what to do during an autonomous trip? According…

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What future for automotive aftermarket?

The emergence of connected and autonomous electric vehicles is in the process of disrupting the automotive aftermarket. Changes in consumer behaviour, digitalisation and fierce competition in this market are driving the main automotive players to innovate and develop new digital…

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Auto-entrepreneur: the boom in electric scooter chargers

At a time of ecological transition, many ideas are emerging for a better future! New means of transport that are greener than fossil fuel cars are being developed. Californian start-ups have invented self-service electric scooters so that city dwellers can…

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