Auto-entrepreneur: the boom in electric scooter chargers

At a time of ecological transition, many ideas are emerging for a better future! New means of transport that are greener than fossil fuel cars are being developed. Californian start-ups have invented self-service electric scooters so that city dwellers can walk the streets of their city without polluting them. This phenomenon is now present in the major cities of France. This new mode of transport is synonymous with new economic activities. The "juicers" or scooter loaders are on the rise. The microenterprise seems to be an ideal regime to become a juicer. Why such a craze? How is this activity compatible with microenterprise? To counter global warming, the government and private companies are trying to find solutions, particularly in the case of transport.

Ecological emergency changes lifestyles

In recent years, the planet has been making headlines for reasons of great concern: pollution, global warming, resource depletion, biodiversity degradation, etc. Thus, the Member States of the Framework for Action to Combat Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet every year to decide on solutions for protecting the planet. At COP21 in France, the Paris Agreements were signed in order to bring about a number of measures that are favourable to the health of the planet. The Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition is trying to implement the measures taken at the COPs to change citizens' lifestyles and ensure the ecological transition. This affects many areas: agriculture, culture, the environment, consumption, housing, energy, etc. One of the sectors undergoing major change is transport. He has been in the spotlight for the past few months.

More and more varied and numerous green vehicles

Faced with climate change and increasingly worrying air pollution, "green" transport is increasingly at the forefront.  Electric cars are now part of our daily urban lives. Clean" public transport is also increasingly present in major French cities: tramways, electric buses, etc. The goal is simple: to encourage citizens to stop using their cars. Until recently, the last green transport was the electric bicycle. Whether owned by an individual or a rental company, this vehicle has seen its sales increase in recent years. A new-born has just appeared in France and has broken records in recent months: the electric scooter.

The electric scooter: a growing urban green vehicle

The electric scooter is a new urban transport mode that aims to support the ecological transition. Transport companies have understood that green, nomadic and easy-to-use vehicles at an affordable price are on the rise among citizen-consumers.  The electric scooter meets these criteria perfectly. This craze for the electric scooter had a consequence that was not necessarily foreseen at the beginning, the creation of a new profession: scooter loader also called juicer in English.
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