With the wind at your back, Volvo presents the S90!

It's hard to find a manufacturer more euphoric than Volvo in 2015! The Swede should once again beat his sales record, especially after having achieved the best month (November 2015) in his history. It is in this context that he presented last night the new S90, the flagship of the range that will replace the S80. The embargo was broken 24 hours early by the Dutch Autoblog (regulars of the manoeuvre). It's the only little cloud in Volvo's sky lately. The Swedish manufacturer has never sold as many cars in a month as it did last November (49,055) and should largely beat its one-year record set last year (465,866). The European market is growing strongly (+23.9% in November) and what about the United States (+90.5% over the same period). While the V40, XC60 are still as popular as ever, it is the new XC90 that makes the difference in a fast-growing SUV market. And to think that the rest of the range must be renewed, the fruits of an investment plan of 11 billion dollars over the last 5 years.

Kick in the anthill

This famous renewal of the range began last night in Gothenburg with the presentation of the S90; Flagship replacing the S80. The huge sedan builds on the style and platform inaugurated by the XC90. The Cross Country and Break versions will follow. Once known for its safety (which is still the case) through the sometimes boring station wagons and SUVs with a very old brand image, Volvo intends to charm its premium customers. Jaguar, Lexus, the Germans... have been warned. The lines are bewitching, the optics (especially the rear) captivating. Ambitious that no one will kill themselves (or seriously injure themselves) in a Volvo within (only) 5 years, Volvo has opted for technology. In addition to a plug-in hybrid version (320 hp and 117 electric hp) and a cabin capable of making Jaguar jealous, the S90 will also feature a semi-automatic driving system (semi-automatic pilot) capable of correcting the trajectory and following ground markings, including at 130 km/h on the highway. "Our objective was to offer something completely new in this rather conservative market, and to design a vehicle that would express confidence and leadership," says Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo Car Group's Vice President of Design. A daring bet, but it's certainly what you had to bet on to make a place for yourself between an XJ and an A8. Visually unveiled on Wednesday, the new Volvo S90 will be presented in greater detail at the Detroit Motor Show, from January 11 to 24, 2016. See you in early 2016 for engines, complete equipment, finishing levels and of course, prices!
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