Holiday budget: An exchange or a car rental?

Making your holiday budget is an essential step to travel cheaply. To lower the bill, we must find ways to reduce the cost of housing and car rental, which have a significant impact on the budget calculation. Are you a fan or interested in exchanging houses for holidays? Try the vehicle exchange!

Lowering your travel budget: good tips

There are various ways to reduce the cost of your trip and thus your holiday budget: consult the right travel portals, travel in low season, take public transport, rent between individuals, carpool, stop, ferry. Many other more or less reliable or comfortable ideas exist for cheap travel. We'll give you a briefing.

Car rental, good deals

If car rental is the only possible solution, there are car rental comparators such as Kayak that allow you to find the best deals at your destination. Beware of overly attractive offers that often hide hidden costs due to ultra-low mileage, minimal insurance coverage and very high deductibles in the event of a problem. An interesting alternative solution for calculating your holiday budget: renting between private individuals; which is well developed in some European countries. You can visit for more about peer to peer car rental.

Reduced travel costs: carpooling, ferrying and stopping

To get to your holiday destination, there are much cheaper alternatives than car rental, for example; carpooling. Thanks to platforms that allow you to get into someone's car when they go to the same place as you for a contribution towards the cost of the trip (toll, gas, vehicle insurance). Conveying, on the other hand, allows you to drive the car of a person who wishes to have it delivered to the place where you are going. You only pay for petrol, tolls and a symbolic euro. You finally have the totally free solution which is the stop sign. All these solutions have advantages for a lower holiday budget but have two major disadvantages: you do not have the vehicle to travel to your holiday destination and these solutions are not suitable for a family trip.

Car exchange: the real good plan for your holiday budget

Are you exchanging your house for a holiday? You can also exchange your car! If you take the plane or train during your next holiday, your car will stay in the garage, the same goes for your host's car. The car exchange will only cost you the petrol and any parking and tolls during your stay. If you travel with your family and your exchange partner too, you can also benefit from child seats and other options necessary for everyone's safety. To organize a car exchange, all you need to do is:
  • agree with your host on the terms of the exchange
  • check with your insurer that you are well covered
  • Possibly establish an exchange contract.
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