Buying auto parts on the Internet: good tips and tricks!

There are at least two advantages to buying car parts on the Internet. The choice first, because the online supplier catalogue is generally well provided. The price then, because buying on the Internet allows you to make many savings. But, since every medal has its drawback, the Internet is as much a business as a scam.

Advantages of buying car parts on the Internet

There is hardly any physical store that offers the same choice of spare parts as a website:
  • It is possible to access, within the same online store, almost all brands and models.
  • In addition, most commercial sites have a forum:
  • It allows buyers to exchange advice.
In addition, the person who does not find what they are looking for can post on the forum to order the part, or ask where they can get it. Internet also allows you to benefit from reduced prices:
  • Indeed, opening an online store reduces the fixed costs of salespeople (fewer premises, fewer employees).
This allows sellers to make a profit while selling at a lower price. However, the Internet is also an ideal place for all scammers. It is therefore important to be well informed before buying.

Check before you buy car parts on the Internet

Check the reliability of the site

Prefer merchant sites that are members of the Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling (FEVAD):
  • They must comply with a very specific service charter.
  • In particular, they have a duty to provide after-sales service.
  • Thus, if the purchased part does not meet your expectations, or has a defect, you are protected.
  • Take the time to choose the part
Always make sure that the part you order is exactly the one you need:
  • Choose the make and model that suits your vehicle. This will save you hours of adapting it.
  • In case of doubt, ask for advice from technicians on the site's forum.
  • If there is no forum and you are not sure which part to choose... Do not start repairs on your own!

Compare prices yourself

Always compare the prices of the different websites:
  • Buying online does not automatically mean saving money. Some sellers may take advantage of your naivety.
  • Beware of online price comparison sites; they can be sponsored by specific sites or brands.
  • You're only served so well by yourself! Take the time to do the calculations alone.
Maintaining your car properly:
  • When you discover a hidden defect on a car, don't go into "home" repairs to save money! You can file a complaint and be compensated.
  • DIY enthusiasts, to save money, you can buy a used car and perfect it yourself. Be careful not to choose a wreck that will ultimately cost you more than a new car!
  • Learn how to recognize Internet scams. They are numerous, and sometimes skilfully orchestrated. Be careful, then!
As a motorcycle owner, you can also maintain it yourself to save on repair costs.
Where to buy products and auto spare parts?
More than half of drivers buy automotive spare parts on the Internet!

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