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Steeped in history, Paris is an architectural reference that leads us to constantly turn our heads, in addition to having an infinite number of attractions and tourist attractions. Its rich culture has made it one of the most visited places in the world. When we talk about Paris, we immediately associate it with the Eiffel Tower, which is probably one of the most emblematic monuments in Europe. Paris is one of the great art containers of the world, besides being a treasure in itself with its first class museums and its magnificent churches, the visitor who looks beyond the centre of the city, will discover multiple neighbourhoods colourful and with Parisian essence; especially Montmartre, Marais, Belleville, Trocadéro, and of course the famous Latin Quarter. Few places in the world cause as much astonishment, charm, passion and intrigue as Paris, the self-proclaimed "city of love" has been throughout history a magnet for artists, writers and people of society. Its long tree-lined boulevards often hide labyrinthine streets with bistros, small family bakeries and century-old cafeterias amidst historic and striking buildings.

How is the traffic like in Paris?

As in any other large city with a high volume of traffic, it is always better to avoid peak hours, especially if you are driving through the most congested areas of the city. Beware of pedestrian crossings as Parisians cross the street even if the traffic lights are still red. The centre of Paris is surrounded by three ring roads, the most central of which is the surroundings. The A86 accesses the inner suburbs and the Francilienne provides access to the outer suburbs. Thanks to good motorway maintenance in France, it is very easy to move around the country (even in Paris). You can take a look at our guide for tips on how to get around France. If you have time available and want to discover other places besides your capital, you can take advantage of your car rental in Paris to visit other interesting places such as Nantes, near the west coast or Lyon in the east of the country. Visit if you are interested in learning further more information about car hire in Paris. So if you want to enjoy a few days of sun and beach, why not head south to Nice on the French Riviera?

Where can I park my rental car in Paris?

If you are thinking of staying in the centre of Paris, the best option is to leave your car parked in the car park of your hotel (as long as you offer this service) and use public transport to get around the city. You can also book a parking space online at one of the many underground car parks in the city centre such as Notre dame or the Eiffel- Quai Branly Tower car park. Parking on the street is payable Monday to Saturday from 09:00 am to 20:00 pm and is free on Sundays. Sometimes on holidays you can also park for free on some streets, this is indicated by a yellow sticker on the parking meter. It is important to note that the Paris meters do not accept coins; to park you must buy the "Paris Carte" at a newsstand or pay by card through the PaybyPhone app. The parking meter will give you a ticket that you must leave on the windscreen. The maximum time allowed for street parking is 2 hours. The more centrally located the parking area, the more difficult it will be to find a free space and the higher the fee.

Paris airports

Paris is well served by three large, modern airports: Orly (about 15 km south on the A6 motorway), Beauvais-Tillé (an hour's drive north of Paris on the A16 motorway) and Charles de Gaulle (26 km north of Paris). Orly was inaugurated in 1932, has two terminals (south and west) and is one of the main gateways to the city. Beauvais-Tillé also has two terminals and was inaugurated in 1930. From here low-cost companies operate serving both Paris and northern France. The busiest airport, not only in Paris but throughout the country, is Charles de Gaulle, opened in 1974. It consists of three buildings from where most of the world's major airlines operate such as China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, easyJet, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways.
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