Audi is starting the all-electric business!

Audi presents some drawings and sketches of the e-tron quattro concept, an SUV that prefigures the electrical orientation of the Ingolstadt manufacturer as it approaches the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was in the spirit of the times, it is now confirmed. Audi presented in Frankfurt a concept called e-tron quattro. An approach announced by many media for months as a potential Q6. The initial information provided by Audi leads us to believe that this is not a complement to the Q range, but rather the birth of a third family within the firm with four rings. It is indeed difficult to see, the production vehicle resulting from this concept remain alone in the middle of the (certainly overwhelming) Audi catalogue.

Autonomy: 500 km

SUV, yes! Sporty, certainly! The e-tron quattro concept shines more for its aerodynamics than for its common name. He inaugurates a new school: "Aerosthetics" or how to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle by mobile external elements that allow air flows to be redirected. As a result, the drag coefficient announced by Audi is 0.25; bluffing for such a vehicle. The aerodynamic drag, a fundamental data for a vehicle, electric moreover! It is also thanks to this design that a range of 500 km is announced. A very interesting range, which makes it possible to make a round trip from Paris toeauville and back, made possible by a lithium-ion battery fixed under the rear axle and powered by three electric motors as on the R8 e-tron. If the total power is not indicated, various sources speak of about 500 horsepower transmitted to the four wheels.

A known opponent: The Tesla Model X

On board, Audi continues the stylistic initiation started with the Prologue concept with numerous screens based on OLED technology. A significant delay compared to its only known opponent today: the Tesla Model X, which is scheduled to be released before the end of the year.
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